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How to Submit a Ticket to MemberSplash Support
How to Submit a Ticket to MemberSplash Support

How to Submit a Ticket and Get Help from MemberSplash

Updated over a week ago

What's Changed?

In the past, we used a system called Freshdesk for support, but we've switched things up for something more convenient and intuitive – say hello to Intercom!

In FreshDesk you had to login to a separate area to submit a ticket. This was essentially a separate "support account" login that you had to keep track of.

But now you can Submit a Ticket right from inside your website using your MemberSplash admin account! πŸ™Œ

How to Submit a Ticket

You can now submit a ticket from inside your MemberSplash website's Admin Dashboard. Trouble logging in? Click here.

πŸ’‘Note: The Support option must be turned on for User role you are logged in as in order to See the 'Need a Hand' button. Looking for the steps on how to do this? Click here

To submit a ticket to MemberSplash, here’s what you need to do:

Current MemberSplash Customers:

  • Log into your website and and visit your Admin Dashboard (example:

  • Click on the blue, 'Need a Hand?' button:

    It's located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when you login:

  • When the Messenger app opens, click 'Ask a Question'

  • Ask your question and our friendly MSbot will try to help you out, first.

  • To Proceed to Open a Ticket, select β€˜Get More Help,’ and a ticket will be opened with our Support Team:

  • You can add your updates to the ticket and close the messenger app at any time.

  • Check for replies by opening the app or in your email.

πŸ’‘ Note: You do not need to wait in the app for a response. You will receive a response from us inside the Messenger app and also to the email address that you are logged in with at the time of interaction. We typically respond within 1 business day - but sometimes you'll see responses from us a lot faster.

Having Trouble Logging in to Your Site?

Uh-oh, login issues? Don't fret! If your site's acting up or you're locked out, just open up the Messenger app at our Help Center and let us know:

From there we can help you get logged back in 😌

Not a MemberSplash Customer and Have General Questions?

Feel free to ask us your questions here.

I don't see the 'Need a Hand' button in my Dashboard

If you do not see the blue 'Need a Hand' button in your dashboard, this means that the User Role for the user you are currently logged in as does not have the Support option enabled.

Your Clubs Admins or Managers will need to enable the Support option for your users role. You can ask them to enable this for you and send them the following guide πŸ‘‡

If you are a club admin or manager, you just need to enable the option. See our guide on How to grant Support access to your role.

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