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Using the "Card on File" Payment Method
Using the "Card on File" Payment Method
Updated over a week ago

Member Splash is introducing our new 'Card on File' feature as an optional payment method for your members. Members can add, edit and delete credit card information that is stored on their account. When they want to pay for things like annual dues, advance guest pass purchases, and any additional “bill to account” items the card is there and ready to go!

When members want to add, edit or delete a credit card, they will navigate to the Payments tab in their menu bar within their account screen and select Payment Methods to perform any of these actions.

Adding a Credit Card:

Adding a card to an account is easy - from the member's account, they will navigate to Payments > Payment Methods. They will click the blue Add a Credit or Debit Card button to get started. They system will only allow 1 credit or debit card to be stored at any given time.

A modal will pop up and members can enter their credit card information there. They'll see the address stored in their accounts automatically displayed in the modal. They just hit the Add Card button to save the card to their account.

When the card is saved pre-authorizes that card for 1 cent (to ensure it is a valid card). Once that card is added to the account voids the transaction. The bank then releases the 1 cent pre-authorization however, it can take up to 7 business days to appear back on your card depending on bank processing times. As such, members who check their statements regularly may see that 1 cent in pending status on their credit card.

Editing a Card on File:

Members can update information associated with their current card on file anytime. For example, the billing address or nickname associated with the credit card information they entered may need to be updated. Each time they update any information, the system will ask them to re-enter the CVV code associated with their credit card.

Deleting A Card:

When members want to delete the card that they have on file, they simply go to Payments > Payment Methods, from the menu bar in their account, and click the trashcan icon pictured below.

When they do that, the system will ask the member to confirm before removing the card.

Helpful Hints:

New Payment Method Section in Member Account Screens:

When logged in to your admin account, you'll notice that there is a new section called Payment Methods in the member account screens. It's located below the Order History section. Here, you'll be able to quickly see if the account has an active card on file. When the account does not have a card on file, you'll see "No cards saved!" displayed in this section.

Expired Cards:

If a member attempts to enter an expired credit card or the card currently on file has expired, the system will display a warning on the Payment Methods screen telling the member that their card is expired.

When members have an expired credit card on file, they will not be able to select the card on file as a payment method when completing their transaction.

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