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Credit Card Reader Setup And Use
Credit Card Reader Setup And Use

Learn how to accept in-person credit card payments via integrated, web connected terminals.

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If you would like to accept in-person card payments at your front desk or snack bar, Member Splash offers a completely cloud-based integration with a variety of terminals available via Preferred Payments and their ECRYPT platform. A few key things to know:

  • Integrated card readers are only available to customers using the ECRYPT payment gateway which is provided by Preferred Payments. If your business is currently set up using BankCard / you will need to switch over, which is a quick and easy process. Please contact our support team if you'd like further information.

  • Card readers are not included as part of your Member Splash service fee. They can be purchased directly through Preferred Payments.

  • Multiple card readers can be connected to your account at the same time and you can set a default reader for each physical location. Example: One terminal at the front desk and two more at snack bar checkout lines.

  • There is no additional charge beyond the purchase price of the reader(s).

Set Up

The exact directions for initially connecting your terminal depend on the model -- some connect to the internet wirelessly while others require a physical Ethernet connection. But once you have successfully powered up the reader and gotten online the steps are the same. The whole process shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

Link the Reader to Your ECRYPT Account​

Once the reader is powered on and connected to the internet it will show a device code. This works just like adding Netflix or another streaming service to a new TV.

You'll log into your ECRYPT account ( and go to Settings -> Device Management.

If Preferred Payments has already connected your swiper to the account, you will see the terminal listed on this screen with a nickname and ID.

NOTE: If you want to give a reader a new nickname simply delete the existing record and then following the next steps for adding a reader.

Add a Terminal

To add a new terminal click on the + Terminal button at the top right.

Fill out the Nickname and Device Registration Code fields, using the code displayed on the device.

Skip the other settings and click on Activate New Device.

​Connect the Reader to Member Splash

Since it's unlikely that new terminals will be activated very often, Member Splash fetches the list of active terminals and stores them locally. To update the list of terminals after adding / editing / removing one simply go to Finances -> Credit Card Terminals.

NOTE: The credit card terminal list will only refresh once you have visited the above screen.

Using a Card Reader

Once you have linked at least one card reader you will see the option to choose a terminal in two places:

  1. On the Point of Sale order screen.

  2. On the Checkin -> Add Guests screen.

Once you select the terminal, it will keep defaulting to that card reader for any credit transactions. That way if you have multiple readers, each station can select their default and it will stay that way until you update it.

When you submit a credit card payment in Member Splash it will send the data to the terminal, which then shows a screen like this:

Swipe or tap the card and it will show approved or declined. It takes about 3-5 seconds after the transaction is approved for the Member Splash screen you are on to update.

NOTE: In the event that the card payment is not successful or is cancelled, the corresponding Member Splash payment screen will show an error message and remain open to either retry the payment, select another payment method or cancel the transaction.

​Looking Up Transactions

Successful credit card payments have the transaction ID automatically recorded along with the payment.

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