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Update an Existing Member Account
Update an Existing Member Account
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To update information in a existing account:

1. Go to the Dashboard and select the account that needs to be updated.

2. Search for the account (in this example we are using name), Then click the edit item on the account.

3. The screen will present you with the basics of the account (the account level is the "home" screen)

Payment status account and members are easy to see at once.

4. The left side shows much of the account information as it presented in the legacy screens. To the right are the members.

The screens break up the account information into logical groupings so you can find the information you need faster and easier.

5. Don't forget to click update in the lower right hand corner.

Note: Members on an account cannot be transferred to or from other accounts. In the case where a child member has aged out of their parents account, a new account must be created for the of-age child member and then they can be removed from their parents' account. Please see this article for information on Adding a New Account

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