Account Notes Features
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The features and functions for Account notes have been expanded to make them more user friendly for pool admins to use. Let's look at some of the features.

There can be many 'account notes' on a single account. Thus these items are getting their own space so that you can work with them with greater ease.

Under Membership>> Account Notes, you view all the notes that you have put on all of your member

Filtering Account Notes

The system allows you to filter by the 'note type'. In this case I have 3 types of notes each pertaining to a different aspect of our memberships life cycle. You also have the ability to pull up notes by the Account# and the Name.

Bulk Actions to Notes

The system allow you (after filtering) to select the notes and bulk update them as needed. You have the ability to delete them or edit them.


You can even download them to CSV for further manipulation


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