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Guest Checkin - Using Existing Credits
Guest Checkin - Using Existing Credits
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The CheckIn process for guests is very similar to the check-in process for members. In the first scenario, the member and the guest arrive and check in at the same time. Here are your steps:

1. We are checking in Jane Jetson and her guest. Find the Front Desk tab in the Member Splash Menu Bar and hover over the tab then click the Check In tab from the dropdown menu. We have opted to search for Jane by last name, so we select 'Last Name' in the search field and then enter Jane's last name in the 'Name' field. Jane will display in the list of members below. Select her account then, click the blue 'Add Guest' button.

2. In our demo, adult guests will need 8 credits to enter the pool. Luckily, Jane already has credits on her account to cover her guest. We will first look to the 'Available Credit' count to verify that Jane already has credits on her account. We, then, click the arrow in the dropdown menu to select the correct Guest Pass Rate (which can be set in your Front Desk Settings). Next, we'll need to enter the name of Jane's guest, as it's a required field. After that, we click the green + to the right of the name field and then click the blue 'Submit' button below.

Instructions for purchasing credits at the front desk can be found here: Guest Pass Purchase At The Front Desk

3. Next you'll be returned to your check-in screen and click the green 'Complete Check In' button at the top of the screen. A pop up box will display asking you to confirm check-in status of the members and guests. Once you've confirmed the names of those checking in, click the green 'Submit' button within the box and you're all set. Jane and her guest will be checked in.

In this next scenario, the member is already at the pool. Then the guest arrives a little later to check in. You'll follow these steps to check in the guest:

1. You'll start by pulling up the name of the member on the check-in screen just like you did in the first scenario. This time, you'll see the word "here" on the member's account, which tells the front desk staff that the member has already checked into the pool.

2. You'll click the blue "Add A Guest" button and then you'll see this pop up window (see below). You'll enter the required number of credits in the 'Available Credits' field, then the name of the guest. You'll click the green + sign on the right and then hit the blue 'Submit' button.

3. You'll once again be returned to the check in screen. To complete the check-in process, click the green 'Complete Check In' button and the system will again ask you to verify the name of the member and guest checking in. Click the green 'Submit' button to complete the check in process. You'll now see the "Here" note on the guest of Jane's entry as well.


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